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Being a brand means playing an important role in the customer's life. Being a brand means knowing your audience. And we are good at this, we transform ordinary companies with stable earnings into market leaders, we build a memorable brand out of them.


As a new type of company, we offer marketing services based on the factors of technological development and cutting-edge innovation. We do not just help with marketing or advertising, we help the company to become the forefront of the technology world.

Gagarin Capital

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Grayson Fargo, a company investing in decentralized finance.

Heavy Industry
Heavy Industry

AF Gold, African gold miner and intermediary.



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The market situation is changing rapidly: consumers want their experience with brands to be always at the highest level; there is a merger of marketing and technology; The basis for the formation of brands is not advertising, but the customer experience and base.

Customer experience has become a key factor in sustainable business development. A 1-point increase in brand satisfaction translates into millions of dollars in annual revenue.

To grow further, organizations need a new generation of companies that combine the roles of business consultant, advertising studio and technology center to create and deliver the best customer experience on the planet.

As a new type of agency, a “customer experience agency,” we help bridge the gap between brand promise and customer expectation by creating new experiences that deliver meaningful business outcomes for brands.

We focus not on increasing the company's sales by 5% or 10%, but on making the company recognizable in the minds of customers. Make the company forward. In the 21st century, technology is one of the main factors in the development of a company, and we are focusing on this factor.


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